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Rabby’a Hanna

Rabby’a Hanna

Financial Planner

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“Everyone who is taken by death asks for more time while everyone who still has time makes excuses for procrastination.” – Ali Ibn Abi Talib

We all know the future is uncertain; but the present is, and that’s reality.

The reason for being insured is precisely because we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow, or an hour later, or minutes, or even a second later. An excuse is merely a barrier away from your goals, your time and eventually your money.

I want to help you be prepared before you run out of time. Let me help you.

Rabby’a Hanna Views Financial Planning Differently

What Clients' Say

Rabbya is a patient and compassionate financial advisor, perfect for customers who fits the student demographic. As a student, I always found it difficult to manage my finances. After a few consultations with her, I can now manage my finances properly with the advice she gave me. I also managed to apply for an insurance scheme that might benefit me in the future.

What differs Rabbya from other financial advisors is that she would ensure the customers would feel as comfortable as possible. Throughout my virtual meetings with her, she would use a fun platform to communicate. Rather than the usual intimidating zoom setup, she would make sure I would feel as comfortable as possible when communicating with her. Overall, Rabbya acts well as a financial advisor and I would recommend her to my friends. Also she bought me an adidas bag so 5 stars.
Ainul Izzatiy
Had two fun online sessions on financial planning from Rabby’a. She was really informative and engaging throughout these sessions. I was able to learn the basics of what investing is and how to better manage my money. I had many questions and Rabby’a was able to answer all of them with many examples that aided in my understanding.

I am really fortunate to have had these sessions and definitely a lot of takeaways. Thank you for taking your time and putting lots of effort into these sessions. Looking forward to getting more financial advice from you! Thanks again!
Mohamed Nizam