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Andrew Koh

Andrew Koh


Co-Founder of PAG Advisors

Senior Financial Services Manager

About Advisor

Having served in the financial service industry for more than a decade as a Financial Practitioner providing financial advice to mass affluent individuals and business owners, I have witnessed how good financial planning can change a person’s life.   

As a Financial Advisor, I constantly seek ways to value-add to my clients by providing end-to-end financial planning and advisory services spanning the areas of Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Distribution. Leveraging a close network of business partners comprising mortgage loan planners and lawyers, I am able to offer my clients a comprehensive “one-stop shop” service in personal financial planning and wealth management. For clients who are also business owners, I am able to cater to their business insurance needs such as motor insurance and property insurance. 

As the co-founder of PAG Advisors, I lead a group of like-minded Financial Advisors towards becoming the leading one-stop service provider delivering holistic and customized solutions to helping our clients attain their desired financial goals.


Year 2009 

Company Achiever Club Award (Rookie Bronze)

MDRT Experience Qualifying member

Year 2010

Agency Top Financial Planner

Agency Top Accident & Health Financial Planner

Company Achiever Club Award (Bronze)

Year 2011

Company Achiever Club Award (Sliver)

Company 2nd runner up Accident and Health Financial Planner

Year 2012 – 2014

Company Achiever Club Award (Gold) Financial Planner

Company Achiever Club Award (Gold) Manager

Year 2015 – 2016

Company Club Award (Summit) Financial Planner

Company Club Award (Platinum) Manager

Company Quality Club (1st Runner-up) Manager

Company General Insurance Award (2nd Runner-up) Manager

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Qualifying Member

Year 2017 – 2018

Company Club Award (Platinum) Financial Planner

Company Club Award (Platinum) Manager

Year 2020-2022

Company Club Award (Million Dollar) Financial Planner

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Qualifying Member

Andrew Views Financial Planning Differently

What Clients' Say

Andrew Koh has been my financial planner for about 13 years now. I decided to allow him to consolidate all my insurance policies when I got to know him and saw his sincerity and commitment in helping me with my financial planning. He reviewed all my policies and gave me advice on policies that were redundant and helped me consolidate all my various polices to just a few necessary ones that would give me a better coverage, investment and a retirement plan. What impresses me is his dedication and close follow up with me over the years which most financial planners fail to do after a few years. He keeps updating me on my investment plans and reviewing them so that I get the best benefits from them.
Simon Ong
Andrew is always very informative and helpful. He will make sure the client understands why they need the policy.
Hanisah Binte Mohamed Noor
I am grateful to have Andrew assisting me in my financial planning. I am also very grateful for the moral support he gave me when my partner passed on.
Jennifer Lee
Andrew goes the extra mile, when he’s attending to queries & policy needs. He prepares simple scenario explanations, which allowed me to obtain a clearer perspective of what I’m signing up for. All of my policies under Andrew’s care are for myself. His explanation was simple to understand & concise and that empower me to know what I am cover based on my needs.
Vivian Poon