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Edmund Low Wing Meng

BSc Mathematics and Economics
Financial Planner

About Advisor

I believe strongly in sharing knowledge. The importance of protecting your family through financial planning is an aspect many do not understand and are commonly neglected. 

I help busy professionals and families create financial plans after understanding their needs/wants, financial goals and desired lifestyle. I also serve as a handy reminder to everyone around me to stay on their paths towards their financial goals. 

Some of the ways which I can help to reduce your financial stress: 

– to protect you and your family to ensure that financials are well taken care of at any point of your life 
– to achieve your financial goals for any future purposes
– to provide a plan to ensure that your financials are well taken care of during your retirement 

As the saying goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. 

If you would like to take some actions towards your financial goals today, do feel free to reach out to me.