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Ice Chong

Ice Chong

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The direction of endeavor.

I believe that everyone has seen a movie or a drama. Have you ever heard that drama is like life? A scriptwriter creates the plot of the entire drama before filming starts. The screenwriter is the heart and soul of the whole movie or drama. The story, the script and even the actors’ dialogues are all dependent on him. In the process of writing a script, every screenwriter uses ‘results orientation’, which means he plans how the story will end, be it happy, sad, sequel, etc.

Similarly, if we look at our life as a movie, we ourselves are the screenwriter himself. What we will become in our 30s, 40s and 50s is very much related to the script we wrote in our 20s and 30s. This is a transition stage between education and ‘socialization’. How do you plan for your own storyline? All of these require planning, or to say, precise life planning because we only live once. Life planning includes: education planning, health planning, financial planning, career planning, family planning and so on.

A comprehensive financial planning is vital since every stage of our lives is linked to money: we need money to pay for school, we need money to maintain health, we need money to keep in touch with friends, and our loved ones are no exception. To sum up, I believe many people understand the word ‘planning’, but the question is ‘how’. Leave the professionals to their jobs and utilize the butterfly effect to your advantage. You will no longer be worried about the future, but at ease.