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Jeanette, with her auditing and IT consulting background in a renowned Fortune 500 company, establishes a deep connection with her clients who prioritize both their families and professional pursuits. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she excels at simplifying complex concepts, ensuring her clients grasp every detail.

Recognizing the significance of balance in life, Jeanette emphasizes that success encompasses more than only hard work – it requires making timely, informed choices. She acknowledges that each individual possesses unique stories, dreams and aspirations, and she is driven in helping her clients prepare for their future by leveraging her expertise and firsthand experience.

She firmly embraces the concept of alternative solutions. She believes that when one door closes, another opens. In today’s world, solutions come in various forms, and with meticulous and dedicated planning, alternative solutions are accessible and suitable for everyone. Committed to self-improvement, she continually enhances her skills to bring unmatched value to her clients and all those who have entrusted their future to her care.

Check out her Instagram @jeanetteajr where she documents her daily life!

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Jeanette Views Financial Planning Differently

What Clients' Say

如果不认识Jeanette,第一次看到她的照片会觉得她cool cool的,第一次见面签保单时,她不笑的时候,还是会有点怕。但认识久了后,就知道她不是看似这么凶,cool cool的人。她不只在帮我们规划方案时非常细心,她也会从我们的角度帮我们规划。连售后服务也很好,也很关心我们。 她不只在帮我们规划方案时非常细心,她也会从我们的角度帮我们规划。连售后服务也很好,也很关心我们。 她非常友善,跟她cool cool的形象不match。我们非常满意她的服务。
Esther Wong & hubby
Admin Exec
Bryan Ding
Jeanette constantly follows up with me and reviews on my portfolio are regular and initiated by her. She provides insights on any market change and great advice suitable for different market situations. With our regular reviews, she puts in the effort to maximize my gains for my portfolio. Definitely hope to continue this great working relationship that we have built.
Simon Lim
I was looking to get my investments up and running and I met Jeanette! She assisted to get the investment plans sorted out, and the application for my daughter's hospital insurance was also seamless. When her company launched a new product early this month, she alerted me to the new plan which can better benefit me in my current situation. I am very satisfied with her, she did an awesome job.
Grace Chong
Customer Service Exec